Amazon (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Leaps And Bounds
Dam: Capital Gain ($21,000 Grand Champion Gilt 2017 IN State Fair)
Bred by: Platt and Ottenwalter
Ear Notch: 31-1

Registration: 615411001
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Amazon is out of a very a special litter of hogs and a littermate to Prime. This litter is sired by the $350,000 World Record Selling Leaps and Bounds and mother is the $21,000 Grand Champion Gilt 2017 IN State Fair from the Sinclair Family. That female is one that was purchased by Platt and Ottenwalter and the only 2 gilts offered online brought $10,000 and $7,500. The Grandmother of this pair of boars came from Lorenzen and was a littermate to Almost There. When you mate two champions together it doesn’t always work, but this time it was a home run. We mated her back again the same way, and we rarely do that.

Amazon is a boar that is awesome from the side and looks like the kind of boar that can make barrows and gilts that can reach heavier weight and have enough grow. He is a very square and flexible, one that gets out and gets his head up and plants square off both ends. He is good about his flesh and center body with great bone and foot size. He is a boar we feel can cover the powerful sows that need a little more look, balance, and built more correctly from a feet and legs standpoint. A boar that offers so many positives in a complete package, and you can get all you want with AMAZON!!!