Big Mouth (Spot)

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Sire: Loud Mouth
Dam: Hands Up
Bred by: Sam Scher Showpigs
Ear Notch: 57-10
Registration: 162557010

Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Big Mouth is a powerful heavy duty boar that is heavy boned, big footed, and square coming and going. Correct about his angles and flex off both ends and can go all day. He is a bigger hog that is attractive about his front end and correct in his top line. Great spread and power up high and maintains the same width to the ground. As we stated earlier, he is very similar to Loud Mouth with a shot more extension up front and very correct and square off both ends. If you want to make correct ones that have look with enough power, then the choice is BIG MOUTH!!!