Bueno (Berkshire)

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Sire: Jet Black
Dam: Berkin' Off (Scouts Honor Littermate)
Bred by: Wintex Farms
Ear Notch: 126-1
Registration: 169432001
Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Bueno is a purchase from the Wintex Farms production sale. He is a boar that is so unique in his design we felt we needed, not only for our boar stud but can be utilized by many to make a difference. He is the right kind for this pedigree and mother is a great female that is a littermate to Scouts Honor. Wintex Berkshire game has been strong as long as I can remember, and we know generate banners in the showring and better the breed.

Bueno is the kind of boar that looks like can make all kinds of winning Berkshire pigs regardless barrow, gilt, or in the breeding stock ring. He is the build and design of a 280 lb barrow with the right frame size and length of body ratio. He has the look and structure of a breeding hog to make those Jr gilts that can win with awesome feet and legs and the right amount of look. Offers power and width coming, leaves you with the same in a shapely package and is mobile off both ends. If serious about making some winning Berkshire hogs, make them with BUENO!!!!