Burner Phone (Chester)

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Sire: Perfect Fit
Dam: Jack In The Box
Bred by: Team Sloan
Owned with: Kneese Showpigs
Ear Notch: 19-3
Registration: 158630003
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Burner Phone is one outstanding Chester boar and one of the very favorites we have ever had and ever seen. This guy’s mother is one that always hits. Team Sloan has built their Chester program off of her, and customers have gotten backdrop pictures. This a boar that we bought as a baby online and was popular to say the least. After Kneese saw him on the trailer before getting loaded on ours, he called and said he is sending a check back for part of him. Outstanding baby pig that has turned into a special Chester mature boar.

Burner Phone is the perfect combination of look and balance from the side with the right proportions in terms of length and frame size. Great look up front with a stout skull, long neck, and ties in so good in his topline with shape and power. Width up high matches at the ground being square off both ends with great flesh and rib shape. Incredible in terms of foot and bone with a perfect hip and hind leg, can flex and reach off both ends. This is an incredible boar regardless of color. And the kind we feel, can not only make winning barrows and gilts, but the kind that sell and everyone calls on, that will make you want to get a BURNER PHONE!!!