Callin' Dibs (Crossbred)

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Sire: Visionary
Dam: Touch Down x Super Monster
Bred by: WD Swine Farm
Ear Notch: 66-99
Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Callin’ Dibs is the ONE we have been searching for to take our next step in our crossbred program.
When I was in California judging, the day after the show, I got a text from Watje saying he would love to show me some hogs and has a boar he thinks is special. Well, he was 100% right he is real real special. We looked at him and dropped him outside for the first time. He was everything we were looking for with a little different pedigree for us. We have seen quite a few hogs out of Callin’ Dibs’ sire and love some pieces about them. With him and all 4 littermate sisters, they are shorter bodied and have more center and flesh than most with perfect pastern set and square off both ends. As I mentioned, they are out of great litter of hogs and while there I got to see 3 mate gilts. They all had the same build, and we know how that consistently breeds on. Mother of this boar is sired by Touchdown which was a full sib to Black and Blue Blood and below that have a proven Super Monster sow. Very strong pedigree for a very, very good boar.

Callin’ Dibs is one heavy duty, square made, power boar with a great look. As mentioned before, we were looking for a boar for our next step in our crossbred program, and he fits that perfect. He is a moderate boar that is super heavy duty in terms of stoutness of skull, huge legged with big feet, and perfect pastern set. He is unreal in the center part of his body having great rib shape. Big square chest coming at you and leaves you with base width and is super square to the ground with good flex off both ends. We are fired up to use this boar and when selling babies out of him everyone will be all about CALLIN’ DIBS!!!!