Salute (Duroc)

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Sire: Tribute
Dam: Off Label 15-3
Bred by: Olson Farms
Ear Notch: 8-3
Registration: 371706003
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Salute is one that we picked up from the proven Olson Farms, and is the kind of boar that is so good everywhere, he can be bred to a variety of females. He is sired by the Tribute boar that we had in stud here, but due to semen issues we let Olson take him to his place to get a couple sows bred. Here we are 2 years later with the boar we were hoping for when sent Tribute there. Mother of Salute is the Guyer gilt from 2015 that was Reserve Duroc at WPX Jr Show and the sow side on this boar has a lot of Olson’s key genetics that keeps them winning year after year. Salute is one very impressive boar with an equally impressive pedigree.

Salute is one great made boar that is great looking from the side being tall fronted and has a level topline. He is square and correct both coming and going with great bone. Love this guy’s hip and hind leg not only is he stout, but he can reach and go and stay square. He has great shape and spread on the top side and an ideal frame size that can making champion barrows and gilts. He is stout about his head and stout at the ground. If you need to make them smoother made with width, squareness, and keep them correct on their feet and legs, then SALUTE!!!!!!