Classic Move (Crossbred)

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Classic Move
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Sire: Never Before
Dam: Lock It Up
Bred by: Bobell Farms
Ear Notch: 18-4
Stress Status: Negative

Classic Move was our $10,000 Purchase from the 2019 Perfect Timing pig Sale. He was one that we thought we had have, no question we hit that on the head. He is from Bobell Farms and are no strangers to winning and making boars that have worked for many. Mother of this litter is a key female at Bobell’s and was an awesome show gilt being named Grand Overall Market Hog at the 2016 LSU show. Not only an impressive boar, but this litter is super deep with a couple awesome littermate sisters that Bobell is keeping.

Classic Move is a boar that offers a unique combination of shape and mass, yet still a killer look from the side with great proportions. He has the ideal frame and length of body with a long neck to make those barrows and gilts that will be easy enough feeding, yet be the right kind to show and win as matures. He is so impressive on the topside with piles of shape and spread, comes and goes square and wide, and dead square hind leg. He is up on his pasterns and massive in terms of bone and foot. We feel that this guy can make the right kind to suit a wide variety of females. If you need shape and mass with more bone and still keep the look we all want and love, then it’s time to make a CLASSIC MOVE!!!!