Teen Spirit (Crossbred)

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Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Sire: Lock It Up
Dam: Kissing Cousins (RU My Sisters Littermate Sister)
Bred by: Wintex Farms
Ear Notch: 91-4
Stress Status: Negative

Teen Spirit is the crossbred boar that we wanted and needed for our customers as well as our own program. This boar hit me so hard when visiting Wintex Farms. I couldn’t get this guy out of my head after looking at him one night under head lights and seeing pigs in the crates out of him. After 3 weeks and many texts, calls, and offers we landed a deal and got this game changing boar bought. He is sired by the dominate and popular Lock It Up boar that has had so much success. Mother of this guy is a littermate to R U My Sister, and was a great show gilt being named Grand Champion Market Gilt at the 2014 Georgia National Fair. Great pedigree and an outstanding boar that we a VERY EXCITED TO HAVE!!!

Teen Spirit is as attractive and awesome designed from the side as you can make one. He is one that is massive about his skeleton being stout skulled and has a big forearm and hind leg. He is perfect about his pasterns and great foot size with a square chest floor and a square hind leg. He is very flexible and correct off both ends with great reach. The first litters look to be the easy selling kind, yet not too quick and bunchy with great bone and angles. We are very excited to get this boar and want to thank Jay and Will for selling us another big time boar that is going to make a change. If wanting to make them correct and attractive with the right frame size, length of body, and keeping bone and shape in them, then it needs to be TEEN SPIRIT!!!!