Young Love (Crossbred)

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Young Love
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Sire: Dirty Lovin'
Dam: Price Check
Bred by: Brock and Brett Farrell
Ear Notch: 2-7
Stress Status: Negative

Young Love is an off the farm purchase from Brock and Brett Farrell. We heard about this guy from Steve and Justin Rodibaugh and Nathan Myers, and to this date is the quickest we have bought a boar off the farm. This guy hit us hard and we knew was a good litter and is a combination of sow lines that just flat clicked. Ferrell’s don’t run a bunch of sows, but after seeing what they do with the few they have is real impressive.

Young Love is one dense and heavy duty boar that is massive in terms in bone and foot size. Up headed and good length of neck with barrow proportions and great length of hip. He is as impressive as you can make one when he gets on the side. He pulls his head up, levels out, and shows that backshape from the side. When you get behind him, he is wide and dead square with a massive and giant hind leg. Flexibility and comfort is perfect with cushion up front and a hind leg that can flex and go. Needing that mass and structure and keeping them good looking and flexible , then stick to YOUNG LOVE!!!!!