Big Step (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Big Stick
Dam: Gain Control (Amped Up Littermate Sister)
Bred by: Stohlquist Showpigs
Ear Notch: 10-4
Registration: 629252004
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Big Step is a boar that we bought off the farm from Stohlquist Showpigs, and one that we have had our eye on from a very small size. This litter has been on our radar after seeing the littermate sister at a jackpot. Ryan said I have a pair of boars on feed that are real good as well. He sent videos to me that next week, and we fired on the pair. That littermate gilt showed at Expo and was 3rd Overall NSR Gilt and Reserve Yorkshire as a January. Big Step is also a littermate to the boar we bought, named Pearl Snap. The mother of this awesome litter is a littermate to Amped Up.

Big Step is the rare combination of power and design. On the side you can’t make any hog, any breed, better. He is tall fronted and level from the side with a killer head and neck that is extended and up headed. This hairy legged dude is as flexible as you can make with reach and flex behind, and leaves you square and true. When getting on top of him, he offers some top shape, spread, and is true to the ground. When wanting to make Yorkshires or Crossbred hogs better that can hang banners, then take a BIG STEP!!!!!