Blue Blood (Crossbred)

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Sire: Drop Shot
Dam: Double Cross
Bred by: WD Swine Farm
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 71-91
Stress Status: Negative

Blue Blood is flat incredible. This $45,000 Champion Cross Boar at the 2011 WPX is one that when we saw him we knew he was coming to Huntington, Indiana!! Blue Blood has an awesome color pattern that will pass on from generation to generation as it has done for WD Swine Farm. Blue Blood is moderate in his frame and loaded with power and shape. He is a big chested hog that is square to the ground and has a monster hip and carries the muscle to the ground. Blue Blood's angles and set to his feet and legs are near perfect. Kade Hummel was at Ryan's in January and told me about this boar. This guy has been a standout from the beginning proving Ryan's statement that Blue Blood is the best boar he has ever raised. GREAT BOARS come out of great litters. He is a littermate to Black Blood, and the blue barrow that was Grand Overall at he 2011 California State Fair. If you need a powerful, good looking, square, sound crossbreds boar to make the next generation off winners, then BLUE BLOOD is the BOAR.