Casino (Poland)

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Sire: Jackpot
Dam: Bullet
Bred by: Vegas Showpigs
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 20-2
Registration: 49878002
Stress Status: Negative

Casino was a boar that we bought off the farm from Kelly Sheets during the week of the World Pork Expo. Kelly told us he thought he had one that was special. He dropped him out of his barn it was a no brainer, we needed to own him. We got him bought by the next day and thank god we got him bought private after Vegas Showpigs’ run in the Poland ring at Expo and Team Purebred Jr Show. Sows are impressive there and they pride themselves on feet and legs and making hogs that are balanced with the extras. Casino is the kind of Poland boar that can cover about any and all kinds of females. After owning a couple Record Sellers and some breed changers, this one right here is as special as any we have at Upper Hand. Casino is one impressive hog that is eye catching from the side with a perfect length and frame size combo. He is incredible out with flex and reach off both ends and his shoulder is set back in him and a hind leg that plants and drives. He is level down his topline and comes and leaves with the same amount of width with great center body. He is a boar that has a great dark hide and thicker hair and maybe it’s a little off topic to talk about that, but think skin and hair can breed on and make those junior hogs more desirable. We think is one very special Poland boar and you can hit it big and win with CASINO!!!!!