Deep End (Hereford)

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Sire: Anchor
Dam: Crooked Karma
Bred by: Nate & Eli Swenson
Ear Notch: 44-6
Registration: 59042006
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Deep End is the 2nd Hereford that we have ever had in stud and one of the best ones that we have seen. This litter has to be one of the deepest and most winning Hereford litters of all time with 3 mates being shown at the 2020 NJS and named Champion Barrow, Reserve Gilt and 4th Overall Barrow. When Swenson told us that he thought he had a killer boar and sent a picture and video of him, we instantly bought. We asked, “why are you selling?” and he simply said Deep End's pedigree is what his boys’ whole program is and is limited on use. Regardless of pedigree, this is one incredible Hereford boar that can be a changer. Deep End is so good looking from the side with a killer head and neck and the right proportions in terms of length of body and frame. Square coming and goes away with a good hip and hind leg. Still has the right length of body to make barrows and gilts and keep them in check. Natural muscle and shape is great and still has shape to the center part of his body. This boar can take folks out of the kitty pool and get them in the DEEP END!!!!