Fresh (Berkshire)

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Sire: Paint It Black
Dam: Fly By
Bred by: Albright Swine Farm
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Owned with: Brice Conover
Ear Notch: 62-2
Registration: 150338002
Stress Status: Negative

Fresh is the $20,000 Grand Champion Berkshire Boar from the 2018 WPX. This is the boar that we have been needing and comes with a different pedigree for us and our customer base. He has no direct I Do in his pedigree, which is hard to come by with many current winning pedigrees. We feel that he matches up well back on the I Do line. He is the kind of boar that has the design with the added power and feel he can make winners in both the gilt and barrow rings. Fresh is one great looking boar from the side that is elevated up front with great pastern strength and correct about his slope and shoulder set. He is level made with a great head and neck and square coming and going and flexible off both ends. He is a boar that you would call a design hog but packs as much spread and power up high and leaves you with a big square hip. If wanting to make Berkshire barrow and gilts that can be easy feeding and win in the big rings, then get FRESH!!!!