Full of It (Poland)

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Sire: Full Circle
Dam: Make It Rain
Bred by: Stayton Farms
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 3-1
Registration: 47099001
Stress Status: Carrier

Full Of It is the $50,000 Grand Champion World Record Selling Poland at the 2016 WPX. This boar is the most unique Poland boar that has ever been out in terms of making one so powerful, yet at the same time still a design hog. This boar had all Poland breeders ring side watching or bidding on him and all wanted to see where he landed. After we purchased this guy, a majority of key Poland breeders contacted us for semen and that’s a great feeling. Full Of It is built perfect from a feet and leg standpoint with a strong pastern set and square at his knee with a square correct hind leg that can flex and reach. He is a tall fronted, level made boar that has shape and spread up high. He is big chested coming at you and leaves you with a big shapely hip. He is great in the center part of his body with curvature and depth. He is so good everywhere, and when it comes to power and mass he is FULL OF IT!!!