Gas Money (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Buzz Saw
Dam: Slow Ride
Bred by: RW Genetics
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 112-1
Registration: 590777001

Gas Money is our off the farm purchase from RW Genetics. They told us about the young boar this summer, and when they sent the video things got real. Gas Money hits us like no other Yorkshire boar has in a very very long time. Some breeders that have seen him, say he is one of the best Yorkshires they have ever seen, and we can’t disagree. This is the Yorkshire Boar that all breeders, including ourselves, have been waiting on. Mother of this boar is a proven sow that is a littermate to Prophet and is one RW has built around. This is one INCRECIBLE YORKSHIRE BOAR!!! The ideal combination of power, design, and flexibility. He is a stout featured hog being stout skulled, massive boned, and has big feet. He has ideal set up front and behind with strong pasterns and a very flexible hind leg. Ideal length of body and frame size with great flesh and body. Shape and spread up high with power coming at you and big ended leaving. When looking for a Yorkshire boar that is so good everywhere with those extras, plain and simple there is only GAS MONEY!!!!