High Alert (Duroc)

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Sire: Attention
Dam: King (Can't Stop Mother)
Bred by: Olson Farms
Ear Notch: 26-2
Registration: 382521002

High Alert is our 2017 Field of Dreams Sift and Sale weanling purchase from Olson Farms. We got to see this guy a couple times before the sift and when he hit the ring it was a no brainer that this dude was coming to Upper Hand. Sired by the $190,000 World Record Selling Attention and offers a little different look for an Attention. Mother of High Alert is the same mother of Can�t Stop and Won�t Stop and combines all that dominant sow line that Olson Farms have tore it up in the DUROC RING!!! High Alert is one that has been very attractive from a young age and never fleshed the best, but was a favorite this spring at Olson�s and we have a bunch of faith in him. Out of a great litter, with a littermate boar named Grand Champion Duroc Boar at STC and a mate gilt Reserve Duroc Gilt at the NJSS. He is built like the Olson hogs are known for: design from the side with a great head carriage and still have muscle in them. He has some shape, spread, and good stifle shape. He is flexible and correct about his angles and square off both ends. This is a boar that some are going to look over, but will make the right kind that can win and keep you on HIGH ALERT!!!