Holy Smokes (Crossbred)

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Sire: Family Ties
Dam: Curtain Call
Bred by: Deterding Genetics
Ear Notch: 8-3
Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Holy Smokes is our purchase from the Holy Smoke Pig Sale in Oklahoma in the fall of 2019. After seeing some pictures and videos of this dude that Deterding sent, we were very interested. After visiting with Trent Inman and Justin Rodibaugh when this dude got unloaded, there was no question we needed to own this for a different breeding piece. Grandma of this litter is a Lot Lizard sow that is the foundation sow at Deterdings. That sow and her daughters have made numerous winners and high selling babies, as well as, winning and high selling females at OYE the past 3 years. We loved this dude as a baby and he is one impressive mature with a proven and winning pedigree. His littermates have been on tear winning a bunch, and that gives us even more confidence in this dude.

Holy Smokes is as burly and stout as you can make one, yet still has the pieces it takes to make winning pigs in the ring. You won’t find many boars this monster legged and still square up front, square hocked with big feet, and up on pasterns. This shaggy haired stud is loaded with shape and muscle up high, goes away with a big shapely hip, and is naturally big centered. He is real flexible off both ends and on the move is a naturally upheaded hog that demands your attention. If needing more power and mass with extra bone and hair, then all you need to say is HOLY SMOKES!!!!!