Keep Talkin (Berkshire)

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Sire: Speak Now
Dam: Dead or Alive (Rock Em All Mother)
Bred by: Wintex Farms
Owned with: Doc Fischer
Ear Notch: 48-2
Registration: 138202002
Stress Status: Negative

Keep Talkin’ is the $60,000 Grand Champion Berkshire Boar from 2016 STC. Judge Dan Hoge said he was one of the top 5 animals that he has ever evaluated in his entire judging career. After talking to Jay and Will before STC, we knew they had the one that we needed. And after seeing him, there was no question we were going to buy him. Sired by the Grand Champion Boar from Indiana State Fair last year and mother is a proven sow being the mother of Rock Em All. He is one special Berkshire boar with a very special pedigree!!!

Keep Talkin’ is the best built Berkshire we have ever seen. He is so incredible in his design from the side being tall fronted and correct in his topline with a level tail set. He is perfect on his pasterns with a square knee and chest and square hind leg that flexes and reaches. He is heavy boned and has great foot size. He isn’t just a great built boar, he can be called a powerful boar at the same time having shape and power down his top, yet still big ended. He is one that will make the kind of hogs that will make everyone KEEP TALKIN!!!!

 Housed at Upperhand Genetics