Lion King (Duroc)

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Sire: High Alert
Dam: Prince Louie
Bred by: Cain Farms
Ear Notch: 33-7
Registration: 403665007

Lion King is the boar that was found on a farm tour when in town for Expo at Cain’s. After seeing, there was no way leaving Iowa without him. He is sired by the late High Alert and those hogs fed awesome for us and flat clicked on the 1 female that Cains bred to him. Lion King was set aside as one that they were keeping and was already named. After some back and forth, we got him bought, and excited because he is going make a big statement in the showring.

Lion King is so impressive in what he combines being incredible on the side - level and great looking, yet has monster legs and huge feet with good pasterns. Still has spread and width up high and comes at you wide and square with a hip and hind leg that you dream about. We feel this guy can make barrows, boars, and gilts that can do big time things. When wanting a red boar that can cover a bunch of females and can make a roar in the showring, then book LION KING!!!!!!!

Housed at Upperhand Genetics