Monster (Berkshire)

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Sire: Just For Men
Dam: Berkin Off
Bred by: Wintex Farms
Ear Notch: 20-3
Registration: 16313003
Stress Status: Negative

Monster is an off the farm purchase from Wintex Farms and probably my favorite Berkshire boar that we have ever had. Bold statement, I know, because we have had some breed impacting boars, but this guy is special. Linebred boar, and with that should produce consistent litters with quality. His pedigree combines some of those impacting sows at Wintex Farms.

Monster is a one of a kind boar, any color or breed with unmatched stoutness and a look from the side that will get them all looking. Tall fronted, great extension, and still stout about his head and skull. Comes with a big square chest, leaves with a square hip and giant hind leg. He balances so good from the side being tall fronted and level with an incredible tail set and can get out and flex and reach off both ends. Offers spread and shape up high and matches off both ends. This is a Berkshire boar that gets us fired up for the future and is a true MONSTER!!!!!

Coldwater is a tall fronted great looking boar with a great look from the side and up front. Awesome head and neck with great proportions in terms of length to frame ratio. Extended up front with a perfect length of side. He is square coming and going, can reach and go off both ends. If you want to make hogs that are attractive and still have the right amount of power as big ones, then look into COLDWATER!!!!