Proof Read (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Bulletproof (Frozen Semen)

Dam: Platt Attack

Bred by: Platt Showpigs

Ear Notch: 71-1

Registration: 596325001

Proof Read was a plan when making the mating using some Bulletproof frozen semen from 10 years ago on one of my best Yorkshire proven females. Bulletproof was a Night Tripp son from Jim Grimm that won WPX in 2008 that McCoy bought. Bulletproof hogs were great pasterned and square off both ends with backshape and a good look on the side, and that’s exactly what we have here in this guy. Mother of Proof Read is a Platt Attack x Daddy Mack sow, and we have 8 daughters in our program, 4 of those are littermate sisters to this boar. She has also produced Private Eye and Moonwalk we had in stud, as well as, 3rd Overall and Champion Yorkshire Barrow at the 2013 IN State Fair. Some different blood and proven blood on both sides of the pedigree and making him an outcross to many of the pedigrees today.

Proof Read like the picture is one that is incredible from the side being tall fronted and extended with a great topline. He has a great set to his knee, square chested, and goes away with squareness. This guy has natural spread and shape down his top and has stifle muscle as he goes away. He is correct on the move with perfect pasterns. We feel this boar will work best on fleshier more moderate sows that need more look, pasterns corrected, and topshape. If you’re looking for a unique breeding piece that offers some new and old blood, then it’s time to PROOF READ!!!!