Selfish (Duroc)

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Sire: Lesson Plan
Dam: Slats
Bred by: Cain Farms
Owned with: Olson Farms & Cain
Ear Notch: 25-7
Registration: 395653007

Selfish is boar that Olson Farms bought from Cain Farms in their Online Boar Sale. Blane bought and shut him down. I got to go to Cains and see this boar and told Blane about him. He bought him for $35,000, and I told him before he bought him that I would like to breed a few sows and have a chance to buy him as a mature. With that said, we’ve been kicking ourselves for not just buying the boar in the first place and made Olsons an offer and we got him bought. We love this guy’s pedigree and offers some different genetics for our boar stud. He is one impressive hog to look at and think he has a big time future on making the next generation better. Selfish is the perfect combination on look from the side, yet he is a powerful wide muscular hog. He is elevated up front with great pasterns and great from a frame and length standpoint with a huge center body. Offers spread and shape down his top and is as wide coming as he is leaving with great length of stride and reach off both ends. We are very excited to now have this guy in stud to use, as well as, offer to the public and not be SELFISH!!!!