Sky Wire (Crossbred)

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Sire: Sky Wire
Dam: Bear
Bred by: Cobb Farms
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 203-3
Stress Status: Negative

Sky Wire 203 is one of the mature boar purchases from Cobb Farms and semen wasn’t offered for sale. This blue boar has sired a pile of hogs that the Cobb firm have sold online and have won a fair share. He is sired by Sky Wire and to this day is one of the most consistent sires that makes easy selling no guesswork hogs that win. Mother of 203 is a littermate to Bear 22 and ties some key pieces of the Cobb crossbred program in the pedigree. Sky Wire 203 is one that will not only make great baby pigs to sell with that good color but makes easy feeding hogs like his sire. He is a square and flexible boar with great shape and power. He will make attractive hogs that are square off both ends and have a shot more extension that are great designed that have the grow and frame to make real good matures. He will help add shape and stoutness with good bone and footsize. If looking to add some consistency and design with good color, then think about SKY WIRE 203!!!!!