Sky's the Limit (Crossbred)

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Sire: Big Affair
Dam: Big Sky x Double Cross (Blue and Black Bloods Mother)
Bred by: WD Swine Farm
Owned with: Genetic Edge/Upperhand
Ear Notch: 63-93
Stress Status: Negative

Sky’s The Limit is the $380,000 World Record Selling Boar and Grand Champion Crossbred 2013 Fall Classic. After 2 years at our partners Moyer’s Genetic Edge, he is back here at our place. This boar has done an unreal job not only siring Champions at all levels, but laying in sons and grandsons that are getting it done, not only here, but across the country. The females out of Sky are unreal in terms of, not only winning gilt shows, but making foundation kind of females that breed farrow and milk litters and make awesome pigs. Sky’s The Limit is one that is going to make hogs that have natural muscle and shape with a great look from the side. He is one that makes great looking hogs and will stamp and throw those heavy blues. He makes hogs that are correct on their pasterns and square and flexible off both ends. We have lined Sky’s The Limit up with him or his sons and have had great luck as well. If you are wanting to make the next generation better and make champion boars, barrows, and gilts, then the SKY’S THE LIMIT!!!!