Sling Shot (Tamworth)

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Sire: Big Shot
Dam: Guess What
Bred by: Taulman Showpigs
Ear Notch: 92-4
Registration: 286906

Slingshot is the first Tamworth ever in stud here and a breed that I said we won’t stud, I will be “Tam-ned” if I didn’t cave. After seeing this guy, anyone would of because he is flat incredible and the pigs sired by him are said to look the part. Taulman got into the Tamworth business by buying the Champion gilt at the 2018 IN State fair. Then used the Loof boar and made this breed changer. After talking with Mark and having litters, offspring are impressive and check all the boxes.

Slingshot is a beast in terms of natural spread and shape with great proportions for any breed. Massive up high with a ditch down his back and frame side is moderate with the same in terms of length of body. Opens up with a huge square chest and drives away with a big hip and massive hind leg. Up on pasterns and correct in build and one that can make winning showpigs or breeding stock. When shooting to make champion Tamworths, use a SLINGSHOT!!!!

Housed at Upperhand Genetics