Who's In (Chester)

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Sire: Jack In The Box
Dam: Jumper Cables
Bred by: Pruet Livestock
Owned With: Schminke Genetics / Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 9-8
Registration: 152518008

Who’s In is the $17,000 Grand Champion Chester White Boar at the 2018 STC raised by Pruet Livestock, and no stranger to making awesome Chesters. He also raised the Reserve Boar at STC we calling We''re In and judge Al Schminke said on the mic a very close call. Schminke was so confident that he bought into both of these boars and will see heavy use in Van Horne. A pedigree that combines all the winning pedigrees in the past 3 years and the perfect combination of design and power. Who’s In is as you can see in the picture is as deadly on the side as you can make one with great look and extension up front with levelness down his top and has spread and shape. He is one that comes at you wide and square and leaves you with squareness and width. He is a heavy boned hog with great foot size and can make champions for any breeder that gets WHO’S IN!!!!!!