Wireless (Crossbred)

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Sire: Sky Wire
Dam: Ya Know (Littermate to Mother of of 2014 IA Grand Barrow)
Bred by: Gerot Genetics
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 60-4
Stress Status: Negative

Wireless is an off the farm purchase from Ryan Gerot in Iowa. After a few texts of pictures of this guy, we made the trip and he was bought right then. Sired by Sky Wire and those hogs have been so good for us and many others from a consistency and feeding standpoint making champions in both barrow and gilt shows. Mother of Wireless was a Ya Know gilt that Gerot bought off Brinning. That sow�s littermate is the mother of the Grand Barrow 2014 IA State Fair and the boar Cyclone. This boar we really like and can cover a variety of different kind of females and has a very predictable pedigree. Wireless is the perfect combination of design and stoutness. He is killer looking on the side being tall fronted and level made with the right length of side and frame size. He is monster boned and as square off both ends as you can make one. Up front perfect squareness and has a massive forearm. Behind, he is wide and square from hock to ground and clean jointed. Wireless has perfect pastern set, super flexible, and stays together great on the move. We feel he can sire in the same league as his sire or grandsire, yet add even another shot of bone and stoutness. Making that connection with the winner�s circle isn�t easy but will be made much easier with WIRELESS!!