Gundy (Crossbred)

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Sire: Bone Up
Dam: Never Before
Bred By: Oklahoma State University
Ear Notch: 62-5
Stress Status: Negative

Gundy is our 2022 NSR Draft purchase from Oklahoma State University and boar that we liked the video but after seeing in person was blown away. Alongside his brother, Come After Me, we feel this pair can be used a lot and are the right kind of crossbreds with differences between them but bring the extras. OSU maybe more known for the Yorkshire program but after showing this pair off to visitors the Crossbred side of things in Stillwater is alive and well.

Gundy is one attractive level made boar with a flag tail and cocky attitude I wish all hogs had. He is built like we want all our show gilts and barrows to be and one’s built like this can play at any level in the Midwest or southwest. He is square made and up on pasterns with a flexible hind leg. Rib shape is good and still has turn up high and one that is tall fronted and still not a long bodied one. A great proportioned boar that can keep you in line with making good pigs that feed and win. When wanting that leader kind of boar to take you to the big stage, you got it with GUNDY!!!!