Lingo (Hampshire)

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$17,000 High Selling Hamp NSR Draft
Raised by: Norman Bros

-Top Gun’s track record continues to build so it only felt fitting to go back to the well to find “The Next One”, we just happened to stumble upon a pedigree that’s won more on both sides than any other.
-Lingo has a monster rear leg that is as agile and comfortable as you’ll ever find in a purebred Hampshire
-We were immediately drawn to this hogs natural pliability of center skeleton, body shape, boldness of rib, and just mass in general
-Love this hogs extra feature, forearm, and width of chest, lots of engine in one that can stay so sound
-Honestly we just feel like this one looked a lot like Top Gun and thought his contributions towards making hamps better was hard to put a price tag on
-This ones kind should simply make better Hampshire livestock that will be very hard to beat when it counts

Housed at Beaman Show Stock