Lombardi (Landrace)

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Sire: Timings Right
Dam: Change Of Pace
Bred by: Mauck Bro Showpigs
Ear Notch: 5-1
Registration: 160334001
Breed Points: +5

Lombardi is the Grand Champion Landrace Boar at the 2021 Expo bred by Mauck Bros. This sow line is very impressive and grandmother is the Champion at the 2016 Expo Jr show and was impressive show gilt. We were on the search for a Landrace that followed up and will work on daughters of boars that we have had in the past and feel that this was the no brainer one we needed and will work.

Lombardi is a real good looking attractive hog that offers some more extension and length to side which we feel is needed for many in the breed in both the gilt and barrow rings. This guy is awesome in terms of angles and set up front, great flex and reach behind. Comes at you with squareness and leaves with a great hip and hind leg. Still a bigger hog but get on top he offers some power, width, natural muscle, and we feel will complement the more moderate power sows. If needing to make good feeding predictable Landrace hogs and add a shot of look, then take a look at the Champion LOMBARDI!!!!!