On Target (Crossbred)

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Sire: On Time
Dam: Bear
Bred by: Cobb Farms
Ear Notch: 34-4

Stress Status: Negative

On Target is one of the mature boar purchases from Cobb Farms and semen wasn’t offered for sale. If you’ve been following the Cobb’s sales or winners, then you shouldn’t need any introduction on the number of hogs sold sired by On Target. And these hogs have won at all levels and with semen being offered to others he should keep that winning streak going for a long time. Great to be able to own this boar and offer semen to our customers and know exactly how to mate this proven boar.

On Target is one impressive mature boar and looks like what he sires in those easy selling great feeding barrows and gilts. He is the perfect combination of look from the side and mass and power. He is very attractive about his head and neck and ties in to a massive shapely top with body and flesh with great angles off both ends and can flex and reach. He makes them wide and square off both ends with great bone and foot size. He is a boar that can make hogs that can stay around a while and be a little older because he adds that mass and body with great proportions. When thinking about using a boar that has no guesswork and generates champions, then get ON TARGET!!!