One Man Band (Crossbred)

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Sire: Dirty Secret
Dam: Lesson Learned
Bred by: Soileau Farms
Ear Notch: 1-7
Stress Status: Negative

One Man Band is finally here after a long while of trying to convince Stohquist to sell us this guy after seeing pigs and having litters ourselves. This boar is bred by Soileau Farms and they are no stranger to winning in the barrow ring and this guy is going to keep that tradition going for a good while. He is one of the more impressive mature boars that you will see but what is more impressive is the way the offspring are maturing and feeding, and they are going to win a bunch.

One Man Band is one that is massive and stout in every regard and going to be a true generator. He brings mass and natural shape up high. He makes hogs that are big chested and square in their knee, and that is the biggest sort in hogs as anything now and he can fix that. He makes hogs with good flesh and rib and hogs are feeding and coming into more mass and power on their own. Keeps hogs square behind and sound and flexible off both ends with good set up front and a comfortable hind leg. Hard to find a Crossbred boar that can bring all the power that you want and need, and keep them attractive and flexible, that is until you use ONE MAN BAND!!!!