Quick Call (Duroc)

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Sire: Last Drop
Dam: No Blood No Foul
Bred by: Kilmer Swine Farm
Ear Notch: 9-1
Registration: 415444001
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Quick Call is an off the farm purchase from Kilmer Swine Farm. After seeing this guy a few times grow up, it was a no brainer we needed him. He is a Last Drop son, but offers some differences than some of them out of him. The sow line behind this guy is what Kilmers have had great luck winning the past couple years.
Quick Call is one that offers some barrow making ability and can work on those bigger outlined females that need some power and stoutness. He is a moderate made boar in terms of frame and proportional in his build in terms length of side and frame size ratio. He opens up good up high with shape and spread and takes that to the ground. Monster boned, huge feet, flexible off both ends, and square from hock to ground. He was a quick buy for us and think he will make the winning kind that judges find and make the QUICK CALL!!!