Sky Wire (Crossbred)

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Sire: Sky's The Limit
Dam: Drop Shot x Double Cross(Stacey)
Bred by: Platt Showpigs
Ear Notch: 85-3
Stress Status: Negative

One of the first litters out of Sky's the Limit, the $380,000 World Record Selling Boar that we co-own, and after seeing his offspring we would do it all over again. To say this litter was highly anticipated would be an understatement. This litter has been special from day one, being born on the same day as our son Brantley, and within the same week as raising the 2014 Grand Barrow at OYE, which happens to be out of the same mother of these Sky brothers we call Stacey. Stacey is from WD and is a full sib to Blue Blood and Black Blood. She was shown by Austin and was many time Grand or Reserve on the circuit, and has made quite the impact here in a short amount of time. This awesome color pattern is on both sides of the pedigree and will breed on. This mating flat worked! After many talks in the barn, we decided to stud all 4 males in the litter. Each one offers a little something different that will match up with all types and kinds of sows. Boars with a great pedigree, but even better, they look the part. WE ARE CONFIDENT IN THIS BOAR!!!!!!!!!

Sky Wire is the one that has always stuck out from the start. He is super tall fronted and square in every area that you look at him. Great shape and power working down his top with stifle shape. He comes at you with power and squareness and leaves yu with a square hip and hind leg. Perfect pastern set and great from a flexibility standpoint. Sky Wire is awesome looking from the side, yet a power hog when you get on him. Hard to put a hole in this boar, and barrows and gilts that look like him will be hard to turn at any level of competition. If you want to make winning showpigs, then get on SKY WIRE!!!