Snake Farm (Poland)

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Sire: Mamba Out
Dam: Rain Dance (Mother of the $60,000 Reserve Grand Purebred Gilt 2021 OYE)
Bred by: Richey Livestock
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 1-1
Registration: 53984001
Stress Status: Negative

Snake Farm is our private purchase from the our buddy Tyler Richey. What a tear these guys have been on with making winning Poland hogs in both the barrow and gilt ring. After seeing a video of this guy at about 50 lbs, I was blowing him up trying to get the boar bought and glad we did. Mother of this boar’s litter before produced the Reserve Grand Purebred and Champion Poland at the 2021 OYE that sold for the record $60,000 and 2 more sisters being Reserve and 3rd Overall Poland gilts. Sired by Mamba Out and he had a great outing and people love what those hogs are doing not only making easy selling pigs but the feeding ability of them people are so pumped up about. Snake Farm would be a ¾ sib to that outstanding trio of gilts.

Snake Farm is the most impressive Poland boar that I feel we have ever owned and ever seen. He is unreal on the way he is constructed starting at the ground with incredible feet and legs that are flexible and square with a correct ankle. He has great slope up front about his shoulder and a hind leg that can flex and drive. He is impressive from a head and neck standpoint and ties in great to the right length of body and has natural flesh and center body. This one has been very special from the start. We feel that a big splash and difference in the Poland breed can be made with SNAKE FARM!!!!