Lights Off (Spot)

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Lights Off
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Sire: New Generation
Dam: Blue Light
Bred by: Armstrong Genetics
Owned with: HF Genetics/Schwecke Genetics
Ear Notch: 28-6
Registration: 171222006
Stress Status: Negative

Lights Off was the Grand Champion Spot Boar at the 2019 Fall Classic. I got to see this dude when Armstrong unloaded and ran by our weanling pens and was impressed. Then after seeing him hit the ring and going back to see pedigree, this was a no brainer. Sire of this guy has sired a bunch of high selling pigs this fall for Armstrongs and others, and they said fed real well out of his crop. The added bonus of this stud is that he is an outcross to Loud Mouth. That is a big time bonus because Loud Mouths are hard to beat, us and many others keep lining up and winning. This can be the one we have all been waiting on that offers the quality we want and a different pedigree.

Lights Off is one massive dude that is monster boned and has huge feet. Offers some shape and muscle down his top and comes and goes with mass and power. He has a great hip and hind leg that is big and square to the ground. Still has extension to his head and neck for being a power boar with a big center body. This boar can be used on many kinds of spotted females with or without Loud Mouth in pedigree and make them better. Many have searched for a Spot boar to offer mass and squareness and a different pedigree, and that’s what we have in LIGHTS OFF!!!