Statement Day (Duroc)

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Sire: Green Bottles
Dam: RIP
Bred by: Max Heimer
Owned with: Tru Genetics
Ear Notch: 318-2
Registration: 430651002

Statement Day is the $290,000 World Record Selling Duroc boar and also named Grand Champion Duroc Boar at the 2022 STC. We heard about Heimer bringing a red boar to Louisville. When my buddies had me ask Heimer to get him out before the show, he hit me super hard and we weren’t particularly looking for a red boar because we were comfortable and confident with the reds we had in stud. I said we need to own this guy and have another hammer in the lineup with some different blood. We teamed up with our buddies at Tru Genetics to bring this guy home. We have now owned the past 3 World Record selling Duroc Boars and this guy has had the craziest amount of interest of any boar we have ever bought. After we bought this boar, the Duroc breed legend Doug Stewart texted me if I got to see a video of his mother. He sent it to me, and wow she is one impressive stout made female. This guy is more than a title and a record selling boar, he is one that can make a big impact in the Duroc breed.

Statement Day is the most intriguing Duroc boar that I feel any breeder can respect and love something about this guy. He hit me as hard as Problem Solver or Attention did and those boars had a huge impact on the breed. This guy looks like the breeding boar that can be in a bunch of pedigrees in the future. He is so stout all over, starting at the ground with massive legs and huge toes with spread. Comes at you with a huge chest and leaves you with a flexible and square hip and hind leg. Spread and bulk up high, a huge rib and center body with the right proportions from a length and frame size standpoint that can make winning gilts, barrows, and high selling generating boars. We feel that this is a boar that is going to do some big time things, making generators and in the showring will have more than one, STATEMENT DAY!!!!!!