Trump Train (Crossbred)

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Trumpet x Little Bro x Tier One
Housed at Ottenwalter Showpigs

Stress Negative

- We probably didn’t promote this boar as good as we needed to through his first season but he looks incredible at this point and he’s going to get used hard in Colusa for summer litters!

- If you’ve seen Trumpet at Mollet Genetics, Trump Train looks like a spitting image of his sire with a shot more skull, a bolder chest, and more shape

- We are especially excited about Trump Train as many of our better barrows in 2020 and 2021 were sired by Trumpet

- TRUMP TRAIN was the PICK OF THE LITTER we purchased in the Vegas Showcase from Mollett Genetics and the rest of his litter grossed over $80K in their spring sale, which included the All Rise boar that sold to SGI

- He is a full sib to the Grand Barrow at the 2020 Tulsa State Fair

- He is out of the same sow as the $80K No Introduction and the $45K Winters gilt shown at OYE this spring.