Van Wilder (Spot)

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Sire: Lampoon
Dam: Downtown
Bred by: Team Sloan
Owned with: HF Genetics and Harkey Farms
Ear Notch: 106-4
Registration: 176702004

Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Van Wilder is our purchase from Team Sloan and a program that has and will continue to win and dominate in the Spot ring. I told Troy after buying a good handful of females from them over the past few years that have generated if he ever makes a boar to let me know and I will buy. Was a no brainer after he told me he had one and once we laid eyes on him we were pumped up to say the least. After posting this guy’s picture on social media I really do think that this boar stirred up as many questions and interest as any boar we have had in a while and rightfully so. There is one shot of the legend Loudmouth back the way Special thanks to Team Sloan and mainly Alicia for letting us buy this special Spot boar. Excited to see what he can do for our program and many others.

Van Wilder is a boar is the perfect combination of design from the side and power up top. He is a high headed hog that is long necked with that perfect length and frame size to be dual purpose making barrows and gilts that can get pictures taken at the backdrop. Great about pastern set and comes at you with a great head shape and squareness. Leaves you with a great hind leg that is big and square. Hard to find a boar with a proven pedigree, proven breeder, and this kind of quality, but all boxes are checked with VAN WILDER!!!!!