Above All Else (Crossbred)

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Sire: Higher Grounds
Dam: Crickets
Bred by: Brockman Farms
Ear Notch: 145-1
Stress Status: Negative

Above All Else is our mature purchase from Brockman Farms from the 2023 Exchange. After getting him, we are so excited that we pulled the trigger. We have received so many texts about what the first crop looks like and this guy is very impressive. Brockman Farms are no stranger to making influential and generating Crossbreds but has been as dominate as anyone on making white ones in the southwest. With more and more shows opening up with a light cross division, we felt this was the time to bring this powerhouse in.

Above All Else is one powerful hog that brings so much to table in terms of mass and shape up high in a barrow making package. He opens up big and wide coming and leaves you wide with shape and power and yet still within himself. From the side, he is neat about his head and ties into a burly body with shape and muscle. So good in terms of movement off both ends and he leaves you with a hip and hind leg. When making Light Crosses and Southwest Yorkshires better and stouter, I think the option is easy with ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!!