Afterthought (Berkshire)

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Sire: About Time
Dam: Speak Now (Injured Reserved Full Sib)
Bred by: KPO Livestock
Ear Notch: 9-4
Registration: 178166004
Stress Status: Negative

Afterthought is our purchase from the 2023 NSR Draft Purchase. From his video, he hit us as a power hog. After getting him, he is even more impressive than his video. The Osborn crew has stuck together several real good Berkshire females. This guy’s mom was one that came from Wintex and is a full sib to Injured Reserve.

Afterthought is as stout and powerful Berkshire boar that we have maybe ever had. Starts out being stout headed and jawed, yet throat line is good and is matched with spread, shape, and power up high. He goes to the ground square behind with a big forearm and huge hind leg. He is big in the center part of his body, ties in right out of his blade, up on pasterns, and mobile and flexible off both ends of his skeleton. When needing more power, mass, bone, and shape in Berkshires, make them with AFTERTHOUGHT!!!