All the Smoke (Spot)

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Smoke Rings x Loud Mouth x SI
Raised by: Matt & Tammy Miller
Owned with: Stockton Beaman & Matt & Tammy Miller

Stress: Negative

*Mate brother is currently undefeated in Illinois
*Mother is a littermate to Colonel that stood @Top Cut
*Mother was Champion at Arizona National in 2016, Matt claims to this day this is his best sow. Old school blood with new school twist
*Grandma was Champion @ World Pork Expo in 2014

All The Smoke was one that stuck out in my mind during our initial loop traveling through Illinois. In a time when spots struggle to combine power and structure this particular animal was very memorable in both of those regards. To me he looked like one that if I didn’t jump at the opportunity early he could get obnoxiously expensive later in the summer. I loved All The Smoke’s head shape, natural extension, and extremely round ribcage. This hog has all the spread and stoutness a guy could want but did so with such a unique extension, hip design, and build. There was a few things I was certain I wanted to hit on when we introduced him to the public and these are those things. 1. His front feet are perfect. I feel like if you raise spots I don’t need to explain any further. 2. This animal is big and has an appetite, once again if you raise spots I think you understand. 3. It is so hard to combine stoutness of skull with a uniquely skinny neck shape and a big square back and he does all of those things while maintaining a very correct build down low. With the new Armstrong boar waiting in the wings (Ain’t Broke) we had 0 intention of adding a second spotted hog for the summer but sometimes when they hit you as hard as this one did you just write the check and figure it out later. We love the type of animal All The Smoke represents and will be using him aggressively this fall in conjunction with Ain’t Broke.

    Housed at Beaman Show Stock