Alone Time (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Walks Alone
Dam: Ring The Bell
Bred By: Korb Farms
Ear Notch: 4-8
Registration: 657027008

Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Alone Time is our baby pig purchase from Korb Farms and out of a great litter with a mate gilt being named the $14,500 Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2022 STC. Being able to watch this guy grow everyday of his life, I think is such an advantage and honest this guy was a killer baby and to this day is still that good.

Alone Time we feel is the combination barrow and big ring gilt maker. He is one that offers all the stoutness, hair and bone that we need in the barrow and boar ring. With the head and neck and look from the side it takes to get your picture taken in the gilt ring. He is one that comes and leaves with the same width and power, has shape and spread up high. He is a great ribbed boar and takes power to the ground as he leaves with a square hock. We think this guy can make the right kind of pigs that everyone will want to have some ALONE TIME!!!!!