ARK Emotion (Yorkshire)

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Registration#: 622667001
Ear Notch: 340-1
Bred by: and owned with Steve Cobb & Family

Housed at Southern Gold Sires

ARK Emotion 340-1 is probably the most exciting, and the biggest major deal to come to Southern Gold. He was bred by Steve Cobb and family and he has only been used by them except for six doses sold online. Within those 6 doses 2 gilts have already been sold for nearly $20,000!  This tells you just how valuable ARK Emotion can be in one generation! Emotion is one elite specimen. He is a changer not only for the Yorkshire breed, but for crosses as well. I think Emotion can be the perfect boar to go on those black sows to make super elite blues, or use him on your white crosses for southwest yorks. One like this does not come around very often. His sire, ARK Pride, is a double bred Untouchable which is an outcross to most of the popular Yorkshires today. His mother was the 3rd overall at 2017 NJSS that Cobb’s purchased for $10,500. Thank you Steve, Aaron, and crew for allowing us to bring this beast of a boar to Southern Gold and to be able to offer him to the public. Get on the books early for this guy. He is going to be in high demand.