Awestruck (Yorkshire)

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Reg. # 634580003

Without question, the most appealing York boar we've ever seen.  Big legged, good footed, great fronted with a natural high head carriage, wide chested, square topped and the best set, flex, squareness and drive off those rear legs that can be found.  Here's a pure York boar that's even good enough to make an impact on the best cross sows out there.  He's sure to impact our herd and the York breed considering the genetics and history his mother is responsible for.  She's 14-5, the POWER ON 282-7 gilt that Hofshulte's bought from us as a prospect.  She is the dam of UPROAR and even before her STRUCK A NERVE litter she had produced in excess of $100,000.  No AMPED UP in this pedigree.  Granddams on both sides of AWESTRUCK'S pedigree have had 10 and 12 parities.