Back it Up (Crossbred)

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Sire: Next Contestant
Dam: King Size
Bred by: Team Sloan
Owned with: Tru Genetics
Ear Notch: 121-4
Stress Status: Carrier

Back It Up is the $80,000 Team Sloan boar from the 2021 Perfect Timing sale that was bought by Tru Genetics and used at their place the first season. He was one we felt we had to have after seeing his pigs this fall. Not only loving the offspring but Back It Up was one super impressive critter, and we bid on him a long way ourselves. Team Sloan has stuck a sow herd together that is flat impressive and have won a bunch. This guy ties some key sows together in a proven program. And us getting him as a mature, I think is even better because we know how to use him and takes out some of the guesswork. Back It Up’s offspring are just what you would expect after seeing this guy young or even as a mature. He is a boar that brings the mass, natural spread and shape to the mix. He is one that is big legged and great in terms of flesh, center body, and rib shape. He comes at you wide and square and leaves you big ended and square at the ground with some stifle shape and muscle. He is one that can make a nursery full of sellable babies that everyone wants to own but the offspring have the right build that look like the right kind everyone likes to feed. When looking for the boar to bring some of the extras to your female and not sacrifice build, then stop and BACK IT UP!!!!