Bender (Chester)

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Perfect Fit X Major Move X Open Fire

Bred by & Owned with Reichart Genetics 
Ear Notch 19-2 
Registration # 157539002

Housed at Crossroads Genetics

  • One of the VERY BEST Perfect Fit sons that we have seen! Very thankful to Reichart Genetics for allowing him to move to Clayton!
  • With the success Perfect Fit has created, we felt it was a must to get him added in!
  • A few of his accomplishments on a limited number of sows have resulted in the following: 3rd Overall Chester Gilt 2022 NJSS, 4th Overall Chester 2022 California Youth Expo, and Reserve Bred and Owned Chester Gilt 2022 Team Purebred Jr. National! 
  • Trendy from the side in terms of height of shoulder, levelness, and extension! 
  • Heavy structured, square made, and sound built! 
  • This one will continue to make an impact in the Chester breed!