Better Man (Crossbred)

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Sire: Best Man
Dam: Vantage Point
Bred by: Creager Farms
Ear Notch: 30-5

Owned with: Barnett Showpigs
Stress Status: Negative

Better Man is one of our 2015 Crossbred Classic purchases that brought a new breeding piece to Upper Hand both from a design and pedigree stand point. He is sired by the hottest siring Crossbred boar of 2015, Best Man. This boar hit the ring and on paper you had to look at him. He didn’t show the best, but when we kicked him up back in the barn no question we were going to try to own this guy. We partnered up Barnett Showpigs, and as we talked I said if barrows and gilts can look like this boar, they will hang banners.

Better Man is unreal from a skeleton standpoint and a boar that is going to make hogs designed in the direction we are headed. Tall fronted and killer looking from the side being level hipped. He is perfect from a sqaureness standpoint both coming and going and perfect pastern set. He is super flexible off both ends and can drive for long amount of time, and show hogs that do that can win at the end. Great amount of shape and power up high and carries that width to the ground with a great hip and hind leg. If you want the good looking, square, and flexible with bone, then there isn’t a BETTER MAN!!!