Blind Side (Crossbred)

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Kingpin (HH) x Best Man x Bone Thug

Blindside has been one of those creatures that comes along and you just know he’s going to make a difference. He was the talk of the farm when he was a baby and started off hot as a sire making the Grand Overall Gilt at Tulsa 2021 and the popular Blue barrow for the straka family last summer that won 7 shows including the COBA show in Woodward. Blindside will inject feature and looseness of skeleton better than any boar we have messed with. He has great turn to his rib cage and is wide open underneath. We think he works best when mated to boxier females that need to be more comfortable without sacrificing the extras. He won’t throw black pigs and will give you the occasional solid white when mated to blue sows. His first daughters are in the crate now and we think that’s where his true value will be realized as they have been complete rockstars. Most recently sired the Res. Division 4 at Indiana state fair and the champion York at weld county along with a host jackpot winners across the country.